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Leitch L.  Action steps using ACEs and trauma-informed care: a resilience model.  Health Justice.  2017   FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLE

COMMENT:  The ACES study on ACEs and resulting implementation of Trauma-Informed Care (TIC).  Recommends TIC should move from gathering ACEs Data to neuroscience-based action  with practical skills of self-regulation and self-care in both service providers and clients.

CLASSIC  Articles

Stillerman, A.  Childhood adversity & lifelong health:  from research to action.  Journal Family Practice.  2018


Raja S, Hasnain M, Hoersch M, et al. Trauma informed care in medicine: current knowledge and future research directions.     2015

Trauma (including sexual abuse, domestic violence, elder abuse, and combat trauma) are associated with long-term physical & psychological effects. The TIC pyramid is a conceptual and operational framework to help physicians translate TIC principles into patient interactions.

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Flynn AB, et al. Primary care interventions to prevent or treat traumatic stress in childhood: a systematic review.  Acad Pediatr2015.   FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLE