Core  Concepts


We invite you to explore the latest system-based science of human health

A framework to appreciate the impact of trauma and adversity on health and health equity



CORE CONCEPTS are organized in 6 branching modules with links to


videos, illustrating graphics, peer-reviewed publications, and other key websites




Science of Complex Systems


  *  Signaling and Cross-talk
  *  Oscillations, Rhythms, Patterns
  *  System Path – Trajectory
  *  Ancient recognition of Systems
  *  Social-Ecological Model 


System Science and
Human Health

  *  Development <>  Life Course
  *  Sequential Neurodevelopment
  *  Brain-Body Communication
  *  Plasticity
  *  Fundamental Rhythm formation
          via Attachment-Attunement 


Brain-Body Regulation:  

Neuro Regulation

Stress Responses

Neuro Inflammation




Pathway to Illness

Role of Adversity and Trauma

Roots of Health Disparity



Prevention & Treatment

Individualized, System-Based Care