Scientists who study trauma and Healthcare Providers who care for patients – often suffer from Secondary Trauma.

Secondary Trauma stress is the emotional stress that results when an individual hears about or witnesses traumatic  experiences of another.

Can happen:
            * At home
            * Living in society
            * At work

First Responders and people working in healthcare are more likely to have a personal history of trauma and adversity.

Hearing others’ stories can trigger our old memories.
It is hard to witness the pain and fear that others have witnessed.

     Through training, we can take steps to

        >   minimize secondary trauma from others’ stories,
        >   become aware of their own history, and
        >   avoid burnout while working on own recovery

  Resources about Secondary Trauma

National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Provides background information about Secondary Trauma and tools to stay effective while minimizing harm to self.

TED Talk:  Beyond the Cliff | Laura van Dernoot Lipsky

Washington Corrections Center for Women

Insightful, humorous first-person TED talk
about the impact of Secondary Trauma.