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CLASSIC  Articles

Shonkoff JP, Fisher PA. Rethinking evidence-based practice and two-generation programs to create the future of early childhood policy.  Dev Psychopathol.  2013   FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLE 

Developmental trajectories, creative interventions, and two-generation strategy.  Hypothesis that better outcomes for vulnerable, young children could be achieved by greater attention to strengthening the resources and capabilities of the adults who care for them.

Moffitt TE. Childhood exposure to violence and lifelong health: clinical intervention science and stress biology research join forces. Dev Psychopathol. 2013  FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLE 

ACEs lead to long-term physical alterations in a child’s body which lead to life-long effects on health and are highly implicated in developmental psychopathology. Evidence for biological stress-sensitive measures for the body and brain.

Articles by Date

Chen Y and Baram TZ.  Toward understanding how early-life stress reprograms cognitive and emotional brain networks.  Neuropsychopharmacology.  2016  FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLE

Byrne ML, et al. A systematic review of adrenarche as a sensitive period in neurobiological development and mental health. Dev Cogn Neurosci.  2016   FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLE