Core Concepts

System Science

Understanding the Brain-Body as a Dynamic System

Regulation – the Key to Health

Sleep – the Great Regulator

Core Principles of System Biology – Networks, Signaling, Crosstalk

How a System Evolves:  the Life Course

Neurobiology Brain-Body

Brain-Body development and Sequential Neurodevelopment

Brain Network formation through Infant-Parent Attachment-Attunement


Stress Response


Adversity Trauma

What is Trauma?

How Trauma disrupts Regulation and can derail Brain-Body development

ACEs – the 1998 Research on Adverse Childhood Experiences

Pathway from Adversity to Severe Chronic Illness

Health Equity

Imagining Health Equity

How Health Disparity emerges from the “Double Dose” of Trauma through Discrimination

Everyday Discrimination

Structural and Historical Trauma

Practical Applications

Individualized, System-Based Care and Prevention

Therapeutic Principles and Sample Regulatory Plans for Ourselves and Patients

Clinical Skills in Interviewing Patients and Building the Clinician-Patient Partnership

Using T-HE-N “Lens” to re-examine Typical Models of Key Disease