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Conventional medical thinking:  Asthma is an idiopathic disease, with narrowing and spasm of the airways.  Treatment uses inhaled corticosteroids, anti-inflammatory medications and in emergencies, a rescue inhaler.


System thinking:  Asthma is an inflammatory disease. Systems Biology research points to over-activation of the deep brain as the instigating factor.

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  Medical Thinking

Hypertension is an idiopathic disease (unknown origin), identified when a person’s measured blood
pressure is higher than desirable (using criteria from the American College of Cardiology).

  Systems Biology

Hypertension is one phase of inflammatory vascular disease, largely resulting from inflammatory
infiltration of the lining of arteries, resulting in stiffening and narrowing of arteries.  Systems Biology
research points to over-activation of the deep brain as an instigating factor.

Trauma-Health Equity-
Neurobiology lens

Severity of Hypertension correlates with severity of adverse experiences, especially experience of Everyday Discrimination.  In the USA, black men are particularly at risk.   Research has shown that transition from normal blood pressure to hypertension in black boys can start at age 8.

NEW  Articles

Ohno I.  Neuropsychiatry phenotype in asthma:  psychological stress-induced alterations of the neurobiology-endocrine system in allergic airway inflammation.  Allergol Int 2017.  FREE FULL TEXT ARTICLE 

Activation of the central nervous system (CNS) upon exposure to psychological stress is integral for the initiation of signal transduction processes.  Presents insights into the critical role of psychological stress in the development and exacerbation of allergic asthma.